5 years ago today...

5 years ago today I married the man of my dreams in Rosarito Mexico. 
I am so lucky to have found the perfect person for me. 
James your humor, patience, confidence and love have made our lives so wonderful. 
I love you baby!

We had strawberry and midori margaritas to coordinate with the color scheme


Playroom-office? Is that an oxymoron?

So lately I have been consumed with redesigning one of our upstairs bedrooms into a playroom/office (a playroom for Pen and a playroom for mom- aka a place where she can draw and have puppet shows and a place where I can sew and craft). I wanted the space to be fun and whimsical but steel have a sophisticated modern feel. I have been utilizing every nap of Penelope to paint. So it has been a slooooow process. Then I decided I didn't like the gray I painted the other walls (this is after I painted all the edging etc) and I have since been back to the paint store and re-painted not one but two coats! This post only shows you the feature wall, but once all the furniture is in place I will post pics of the entire room. I am looking forward to having my own "command central" for the rest of the projects I need to do in the house. This room is my key to keeping everyone and every room organized! 
Wish me luck ;)

the inspiration

"the before" so dark, so boring!

other angle
"the after" we even added a chair rail!
the bottom half is chalkboard paint

aside from the chalkboard paint all the walls are painted in a satin- easy clean up is a must in a playroom!

a view of one side of the room, see what I'm dealing with?