Everly's last day of Growing Times

Tuesdays are the only day when I have just Everly.
I treasure this special time with my baby so much.
Its easy to get "sidetracked" with housework and errands- so I decided to enroll us in a mommy & me class. This way I figure we'd get at least a couple hours of dedicated time to hang out!
This class is so great.
There's lots of other little munchkins her age, we have songs, stories, crafts, dance and indoor and outside play.
Her cousin joined in the spring semester so its been extra fun hanging out with them.
The classes have ended for the year, and Everly is so sad. She keeps asking for "baby class."
My favorite thing about this class are all the songs and hand motions she's learned.
So cute!

waiting in line for their stamps at the end of class


Violet's spring sing

Violet Mae recently had her Spring Sing at her preschool.
We are always tickled when Violet decides she actually wants to perform on stage-- because she can be HIGHLY unpredictable when it comes to these types of things... or highly predictable on the side that she probably, most likely won't do it.
She did do it however and did a great job.
Adorable as always!!!
We love you Violet Mae!

catch the performance here...

walking in


Mom's Day in Avila

It seems the only way I can truly relax these days is to get away from my house! ;)
If I'm home there is alway a "chore" or something on my to-do list that seems to plague me like a bad itch.
So since Mother's Day is about Mothers-- which in my house would be... ME  - I thought it would be fun to visit Avila again.
I love Avila for so many reasons and here are a few:

~They have a great boardwalk that's great for kids (and if its great for kids, then that means its great for the parents cause we can breathe a little)
~beautiful beach with lots to explore (tide pools, neat rock caves to climb, lots of swings)
~it somehow always manages to be sunny there??
~awesome pier for getting close to a seal colony (we're talking you could pet them if you wanted, but that would be a bad, baaaaad idea)
~lots of little wine tasting rooms just down the street
~everything is in walking distance
~Avila Barn which is always a favorite stop for my kids (and for me, I'm addicted to their honey!)
 ~Bob Jones bike trail- this year we rented bikes and biked to Avila barn from our hotel, so fun!

The hotel we like is the Avila Lighthouse Suites
We love it because its directly across from the beach and the cute park.
There is also a pool and jacuzzi facing the beach.
The rooms have a separate living room suite with kitchenette so there's plenty of room for the whole family.

I know VRBOs are great etc etc, but at this point in my life with three under 6 I'm all about convenience. Having the beach, pool and restaurants so close mean 1. I don't have to drive and 2. I don't even need the stroller.

Since we were gone for the actual holiday we celebrated our own moms a little earlier in the week with tea at Andersens, this is one of their favorite spots in town. Its pink and girly and fancy. 
Perfect for the ladies.

Pen's class also had an awesome celebration for us moms.
They did an adorable performance of several songs and afterwards gave us our Mother's day ceramic with "brunch" (coffee, oj and bagels). 

Happy Mother's day to all you fabulous moms out there!
treating the mommas to tea

mom selfie!

on the way to Avila- Everly is obviously very engrossed in the movie! lol!

boardwalk at Avila Beach

always full of smiles 

lots of time to practice the bike

biking to dinner

the patio off our bedroom

having lunch on the boardwalk

avila barn

this just screams summer to me

a super fun surprise we were given the 411 on
this family friendly winery
  1. peacocks roaming
  2. live music
  3. plenty of outdoor seating among the grapes
  4. bean bag toss

nature girl
always tinkering

a fierce biker

Happy Mother's Day!