A Memorable Mother's Day

This Mother's Day was super fun.
I think I've finally nailed it.
1. Have a clear idea of what you'd like to do
2. Make sure your hubby knows this plan 
3. Plan the weekend yourself to make sure everything goes according to "plan"
4. Mother's Day is a weekend not to be limited to just one day
5. Number 4 gives you room to celebrate all the moms in your life throughout the weekend thus freeing up your Sunday to, well just focus on what you wanna do. ;)

This year James and I thought it would be fun to treat both our moms to a whale watching cruise.
They -conveniently for us- enjoy each other's company so we all had a blast. :)
Its always nice to get some one on one time with mom.
We saw lots of whales too so that was really cool.
Nothing like sipping some wine on a beautiful Santa Barbara day while you chase some whales with Jack Johnson strumming and humming in the background. 

Sunday I woke to this... chocolate croissants and
"happy mother's day" sung to the tune of "happy birthday" hilarious
I'll take it.

I love little adventures.
Even though we live in such a fun town its always refreshing to get away for the weekend.
This was a quick trip -only one night actually.

Not that you can tell when you see how tightly our car was packed!

hey there was a lot to accomplish!
Presents to drop off, scooters to ride, beaches to explore and pools to be swum in.
We decided to stay in Avila Beach for the night.
So fun.
Our hotel was right across the street from the beach.
The Avila Lighthouse Suites
Super convenient.
Avila is such a cute little area.
They have a boardwalk where the kids could ride their scooters, and lots of little wine tasting places.
Perfect for the parents. ;)

our little patio

making smores via candle
its tradition
where theres a will theres a way

I love that the piers there have stairs leading underneath them
Theres lots of treasures to find, like sleeping seals

my neighbor Jackie told me about how at the very end of the beach you could find big boulders with tons of anemones
when she visited they were bright pink
the ones we saw weren't but it was still cool to see so many in such concentrated amounts

I think E likes to eat sand

Violet didn't like venturing out of the jacuzzi
my kinda girl

there was a really cute park right in front of our hotel too

Jackie also told us where we could find a seal commune underneath the pier
I've never been this close to so many seals! 

On the way home we made a stop at Avila Barn
the kids fed the animals and we did some good shopping
berry pies, peaches, pickles, fudge and honey= YUM!

and home
I love when we wear THEM out!

Happy Mother's Day!