My Pregnancy Photo Shoot

Saturday we took photos here at the house with my long-time photographer Madeleine Vite.
Normally I would have done these much sooner- I was super tired this day and super swollen but oh well. I really wanted to take them here at the house so I could capture our "natural state" as much as possible and with the house remodel taking forever this was really the first chance we had. 
I think they still turned out really great though and I hope you do too!

Just think in a couple of weeks we'll be shooting newborn shots with Violet Mae. 
She will be here any minute! 


Tea anyone?

I'm been a little busy lately with a huge remodel, but thankfully it is finally done! I can't wait to share the before and after pics with you, but first I have some catching up to do. ;)
On September 3 my family threw me a beautiful baby shower. We had high tea at the Biltmore Four Seasons here in Santa Barbara. I must say there are few things I like more than drinking out of fancy china teacups and eating delectable little finger sandwiches. I felt so loved and pampered. This shower was amazing! Here are some pics to enjoy.

Kelly and her daughter Christine

hostess and sister-in-law Linda... who is also pregnant! Yay!

buddies Tammy and Talina

Sarah and her mom Jayne

James's mom Juli and sister Jolene

the high tea menu- the teas are soooo  yummy! I had the chocolate mint.

the scone fixin's!

gorgeous right?

Rebecca Zavala

Keeley Godinez

this mouse is for Penelope- she is a little crazy for her main mouse

a beautiful quilt Aunt Jolene made, the design is a basket of flowers in homage to Violet

my mom, me, Linda, Juli and Jolene

Rebecca, mom, me, Linda, Juli Jolene, Courtney, Leslie and Yvonne

The favors were these delicious creamy white chocolate mints from Robitailles in Carp. So yummy!