Penelope Photo Shoot!

We recently did a photo shoot with Penelope for her 8 month portraits. They turned out so cute!
Click the link below to check some out.


Penelope turns 8 months!

Penelope turned 8 months on July 10. We did this quick little photo shoot while having dinner at our friends Rebecca and Gamaiel's house in Ventura. I can't get over how fun P is. She has the best smile and laugh. She also has three teeth coming in so there's a lot going on in that little mouth of hers poor baby, but she's handling it surprisingly well. This Saturday we are having her next real photo shoot here at the house. So be on the look out for some really cute pics!


Concerts in the Park

I love summer, and one thing I especially love are all the fun events going on outside. Last week we went to Concerts in the Park here in Santa Barbara. We brought a picnic and just chilled. It was a great way to spend a Thursday night.



My girlfriend Sara told me about these cute baby clips a friend of her sister's makes. The company is called Baby Wisp. What's great about these barrettes is that they don't need much hair to latch on to and they stay in place while still being gentle on baby's tender scalp. Plus they look pretty cute on her baby girl Hannah. So since I have seen these up close and personal I can definitely recommend. I think I'm going to get Penelope this cute set here. Check it out at www.babywisp.com

Happy 4th!

This 4th of July was really fun. We started out the day by driving to the San Marcos campgrounds for our church service then met up with some friends for a bbq by the pool and ended the day with what else, FIREWORKS! HAPPY FOURTH EVERYBODY!KABAM!

James with Jenny and Matt

our friends Matt and Erin at the campgrounds

sweet Charlotte

pinata for the kiddos

me and Erin

BBQ at Sara and Shahram's

Sarah, Jason and Desi (Desi loved the watermelon!)

P likes laying out like her mom

James and Shahram, um showering together??

me and Sara

P loved the fireworks!

now leaving the fireworks was a whole other story...


Summer Solstice in Santa Barbara!

Last weekend was Santa Barbara's best parade, Summer Solstice. This town is full of hippies and New Agies so let me tell ya they go alll out. But the celebrations aren't just reserved for the flamboyant, people of all ages have fun showing off their creative side for this holiday. We headed down to State for some summer fun and had a great time dancing, taking pics and having lunch at our fav Fish and Chips Shop- Macs. Happy Summer!