Violet Mae's Baby Blessing

On June 30th 2012 we dedicated our precious baby Violet Mae to the Lord.
We decided to have it at our house upstairs on our deck rather than at church.
Our church doesn't do traditional baby christenings, they usually do a fairly simple "baby dedication" in service where they say a prayer over the baby. Well that is still very nice, but we thought it would be really special to create our own "service" and involve close friends and family. It turned out to be an awesome afternoon. We started out by singing some worship songs, our Pastor Jim Firth said a prayer and shared a message. Our family friend and pastor Mike Solodon (who also married us!) shared some scriptures and words as well. We also had each father say something. My dad said a prayer and James's dad read a poem that he wrote for Violet Mae the day she was born. I sang "My Wish" by Rascall Flatts and James shared a father's blessing that he wrote. I loved the way it was so intimate and personal. We only invited very close friends and family. It was very special in so many ways.
We love you little Violet Mae. You are truly a gift from God, an angel from above.
We are so very blessed that He decided to share you with us.

Mike Solodon

Pastor Jim singing to Violet

my mom and brother- little did he know this camera never recorded :(

Linda's mom and Mary Ann Solodon

Mike speaking directly in to Violet's life, so special

Grandpa Gregg sharing his poem

Gregg gave Violet an empty box meant to symbolize all the wonderful dreams he hopes she fills in it

my dad saying a prayer

Violet receiving her first Bible!

"chewing the word"


milk and doughnuts, yum!

and did I mention there were cupcakes too?

Sam, Kenzie and Penelope

Looks like somebody found the toys!

Cherise and Erin

Baby Connor

Gregg and Steve

my  older brother Jason with our niece Lilja

Kate and Tammy

from left: sister-in-law Linda, her mom Marguereta, my mom,
James's mom me and in the back is Mary Ann Solodon

the Lowders

sweet sammy

the Zavalas

James saying his blessing

handmade baby blessing dress made by nana

thank you mints!

"baskets of Violets"

DIY Programs


School Field trip to the Sea Center

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On June 22nd I went with Penelope on a school field trip to the Ty Warner Sea Center to see the new Jellies exhibit. The exhibit was awesome, they had several varieties of jellyfish backlit in a dark room so that everything glowed. The kids loved it!