pen turns 22 months!

Little P turned 22 months on Sep 10. 
This little girl is just growing up way too fast.
Now that she has been in preschool for a couple months I am amazed at how quickly she is becoming her own little person. She practically puts herself to sleep now, she will look over at me in her crib and say "bye mama." So sweet. She has also become a lot easier to take out on the town, listening to me instead of just running for the hills! She is currently obsessed with all things Mickey Mouse. He is definitely her main man right now! One of my favorite things is listening to her sing to herself while she stares out the window of the car. Such a precious precious girl. I just love you P!

Funny Antics:
  1. crazy walk where she bends at the waist and swings her arms when she's being silly
  2. loves to spin around in circles until she gets super dizzy
  3. likes to say the word "yellow" which ends up sounding like "wellow"
  4. gives kisses by leaning her forward towards you
  5. signals us to start singing "wheels on the bus" by twirling her arms (this can happen at any given moment)
  6. in LOVE with all things mouse (she's going to be Minnie for halloween)
  7. calls cars "beep-beeps"
  8. favorite thing to do is curl up on the couch with her "me-me"- aka (blankie) and watch Mouse
  9. calls the remote control "mouse"
  10. calls cookies "doh-doh's"
  11. gets super excited over any kind of chair that is her size
  12. loves the carousel at Chase Palm Park so much that now anytime she sees a pole etc she goes up to it holds on and says "naaay!"
  13. loves to have "tea"
  14. we call her the "Poo-Poo Police"- she likes to walk around the yard and search for dog poo, when she sees it she will start screaming Poo Poo!!! (and she won't stop until we clean it up, which of course means a cleaner yard these days)
  15. speaking of Poo- she loves sitting on her potty and going through the entire routine, from saying "bye-bye poo-poo" to flushing and wiping and washing her hands. Now if it just wasn't a pretend routine 99.9% of the time ;)

yeah this is how she rolls

enjoying some fun August sun at her class Hot Tots

sportin the suit

lookin stylish in Seattle

she loves her teacher Amy- certain songs will trigger her to say "amy!"
she even said her name the other day when she saw one of the tote bags she decorated in class