This anniversary marked 10 YEARS for us!
I can't believe how much our lives have changed these past ten years.
Going from your 20s-30s is such a leap.
We went from being a couple of carefree DINKs to parents of three(!) and being completely self-employed... talk about responsibility!
Such grownups- no not really, but hey that's what I love about our relationship. ;)
James and I have so much fun together, and still love to "date" each other.
I swear it keeps us sane! ha!

Our dream was to go back to the Fairmont Mayakoba (where we stayed for our honeymoon) on our tenth year, but with taxes due right around the corner- alas that wasn't in our itinerary this year. 
So instead we just did a little stay-cay at the Ojai Valley Inn.
We had a great time soaking in the sun and lounging by the pool and spa.
Our room was so gorgeous. It had a great view and a HUGE wraparound deck. 
~Loved it all~
oh! and just because we're such "grownups" James surprised me with a pair of diamond earrings.
Love them!
Love HIM!
God sent me a good one.
Happy Anniversary little bear!

breakfast with a view

he he
don't get this every day!

and I got to say hello to this sweet mama on her 40th!


she's star of the week!

In Penelope's school the kindergarten has a really cute tradition of honoring each child by letting them be the "Star of the Week"
Penelope was given a poster to fill out that had questions about her family and favorite things etc.
At the end of the week she gets "interviewed" by the entire class.
What I liked best about this was that at the end the teacher asked the students to offer up compliments to Penelope.
Then her teacher wrote all of them on the back of her poster.
I thought this was so touching, and such a great way to build camaraderie among her peers.
Plus its got to be great for their self confidence right?
sign me up!
We did not have this when I was in school.
Well, at least I don't remember it anyway. ;)

her poster

the compliments ;)

a video snippet of her interview

some of her "compliments" ;)


Livin' it up in Austin

Every year my roommate from college is sent to a conference in the States for work.
She is from the Bahamas so this has become a super convenient way to see her.
Its our tradition now to meet up - wherever she is- at the end of her conference.
Two years a go it was Vegas, last year San Diego and this year it was in Austin, Texas.
I was so excited because I've heard so much about Austin and couldn't wait to go there.
The extra special treat this year was that our other best buddy from college could also join us.
It was no small feat- I had to fly for over five hours, and she had to drive (leaving FIVE boys at home- four littles, (one of them is still nursing) and one hubby).

We made it happen though cause we love our Bahama Mama so much, and it was so fun to hang out as the three amigos once again. It had been 7 years since the last time we were all together! 

Fair Warning: you're about to see a lot of selfies, food and drinks!

I haven't had a chance to fly like this in a long time.
It may have been coach, but without kids it may also have been first class as far as I was concerned!

starting the trip off on the right foot!

my girlfriend told me about a drink called the RanchWater
Something like Mexican mineral water with tequila and lots of lime
these drinks went down way too easy

together again at the Saddle Ranch

late night drinking and late night donuts compliment each other nicely

we stayed at the Omni downtown so making our way back was pretty easy

next day we did a bike tour of the city and riverwalk
stumbled upon these tourists along the train tracks

Moonshine for lunch was delish!

nothing like a bubbly pit stop

had to try some food trucks on Congress 


when you wait for two hours for your bbq you can get a little Han-gry
side note- this plate was NOT all for me ;)

next door was having a crawfish boil, and for this Louisiana native I just couldn't resist!

those suckers didn't stand a chance

our last night at Gloria's
so much fun
I'm going to miss these ladies!
Until next year!


Cousin Photo Shoot- celebrating 2

So on Pinterest I sometimes see photo ideas I'd like to try to duplicate.
One was of a little girl holding her #2 balloon in a forest. 
Sweet right?
Well since both Everly and her cousin just turned 2 I thought it would be fun to do a little photo shoot with them.

It was sort of a fail.
It was way too windy for the balloon to stay up, then it got caught in a tree. 
Everly refused to cooperate.
Then we could not get the lighting right or the babies to cooperate in the direction of the good lighting etc.
Fail again.

So this shoot did in no turn out the way I'd hoped, but we still got a few cute ones anyway.
Happy Birthday babies!!!

I think she was ready for her nap :)