Bumblebee Trike-A-Thon

Its that time of year again!
I love that Pen's preschool kicks off a new year with their annual trike-a-thon.
This year Pen is a bumblebee, and she was super excited to wear her bumblebee shirt and hit the races.

they all get medals at the end- so cute!

P with bud Kenzie. So serious!


Movin' on Up!

It's been another great school year for Penelope!
She recently finished her first year as a ladybug and started her second year as a Bumblebee.
I am so proud of her.
She is growing so fast and is becoming a self confident, independent little lady.
Now if she would just slow down a bit. :(

                             first day as a ladybug
last day as a ladybug                      

We are going to miss these ladies!
Penelope's Ladybug teachers from left to right:
Miss Jenny, Ms. Ornelas and Ms. Eileen

giving one of her new Bumblebee teachers Ms Rosa her teacher gift

Penelope was excited to see a good buddy Alana in her new classroom!

enjoy Penelope!
Its going to be a great year!!!


Our Mexico Escape

I wrote before that this summer has been so fun and a big reason for that is it finally feels like things are a little more normal in the Welsh household-- making it much easier to get out and about!
We also felt that this year it was time for a much needed vacation!
Like a real "real" vacation where you actually stay somewhere more than two nights and it takes a plane ride to get there. ;)

We spent a lot of time planning our "perfect" vacation- which I realize does not exist anywhere or for anyone, but for us a slice of perfection can merely be a few days of stress free relaxation.
After googling many "kid friendly beaches/resorts" we found the Azul Beach Resort in Mexico's Riviera Maya- just a short 20 minute drive from the Cancun airport.

We toyed with the idea of brining a sitter for some extra help, but decided it might be too costly and possibly take away from the intimate family experience we were going for.
So long gone (at least for now) are the days of fearless excursions and adventures- and instead we say hello to the idea of an "all-inclusive" resort. - our first I might add.

It was a bit like being at camp, but in a good way.
Everything right there, everything taken care of-- and VERY family friendly.
Easy=Stress Free=RELAXING, our perfect family vaca.

Of course our plane rides were quite "entertaining" traveling with a 'not quite two year old!'
....And quite an active one at that. geez (even Elmo couldn't hold her attention!)

So after a long day's journey this is what we were greeted with: 
milkshakes for the kids and champagne for the adults- home!

we got to pick out our pillow texture, room scent and linen scent
each night they would spray the room down!
We picked "sensual" of course lol!

this greeted us in our room, a variety of flavored milks and cookies for the kiddos
 and more champagne for mom and dad!

we switched rooms after a couple nights but our first room
was the Fisher Price family suite- it had lots of cute touches
including a stroller

special towels for the kids

so everyday we pretty much made one of these our home away from  home

there were lots of activities for the kids
including this really cute puppet show

breakfast was a kids dream
there was a special table just for the kids set up with
all kinds of treats including cookies and muffins with cute faces and drawings
every morning Penelope would wake up and beg to go to breakfast!

restaurant Chil on the water- every restaurant had kids toys

panorama shot of our swim  up suite

our deck with pool attached

one day they set up a coconut cocktail bar on the beach
fresh coconuts with at least six different types of liquor- crazy!

they also set up beach bbqs right on the beach
they would grill up fresh flank steak and you could just eat there or take it back to your cabana

I love the Carribean for its powder white sandy beaches
turquoise water and super warm water temperature!
The water was warmer than the pool!

Penelope drinking a "virgin" coconut of course ;)

We put the kids in the kids gym each day from 10-1
It worked out great because the staff was super fun. 
Not only was the facility awesome, but they did cool activities each day like
face painting, guacamole making, piƱata parties, puppet shows, swimming etc
Penelope and Violet would start chanting each morning "Kids Gym! Kids Gym!"

our swim up suite patio

we wore those kids out!

some of the cabanas had these really cool swings
the beach butlers were so accommodating they would ask us each day if we wanted it for the next day
this way we didn't have to wait in line
=no stress
=nice vaca!!!

this was the swim up bar right outside our room
when the kids were napping we were floating by on rafts with cocktails

the staff at the kids gym, love them!

airplane inanity

this is how they navigated their way through the airports

our first day, it didn't take them long to get into the spirit

having a zen moment at dinner time

the kids facilities had a my gym room as well

one morning James and I treated ourselves to a couples massage on the beach!

fire show on the beach

and since the kids gym opens up at night too we paid for a sitter to hang out with them while we had a date night
Ahhh a dinner without a toddler jumping on you every 2 minutes
now that's a vacation!!!