A tour all our own

Since Pen fell asleep on our last Christmas light tour we decided to do a version of our own, complete with popcorn, cocoa and nana!

we saw some really great lights and even stumbled upon a LIVE nativity scene with camels and everything!


Pen rocks the Nutcracker

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is to take Penelope to the Nutcracker ballet- and now Violet too!
This year though, Penelope got to be IN the Nutcracker!
Her class were "Bon Bons" in the act with Mother Ginger.
It was such a HUGE experience for Pen.
Not only did she have multiple rehearsals (and all in the evening), but she had the chance to see the show from backstage. Getting to see all the performers so up close and in full costume is just magical.
She did such a great job, and we couldn't be more proud of her!
What a fun way for her little sis Violet to get to see the Nutcracker for the first time... watching big sis!

stage makeup done by yours truly ;)

such a poser! ha!


Light tour with friends

After Pen's Nutcracker we had to make a mad dash to the bus!
The Christmas Bus!
Our friends rented a couple buses to take their friends and family around looking at Christmas lights.
Penelope was exhausted and slept through part of it so we had to do a re-do of the light tour with her on another night.
Check out the pics!

there were some serious monkeys on this bus ;)


Christmas with the Mouse!

We didn't know if we could squeeze in a trip to Disney this Christmas (our favorite and only time of year we like to go there). As luck would have it though all the stars aligned and we were able to escape for a midweek excursion. 
Everly stayed home so we could take the girls on a one day whirlwind trip to the park.
It was fast, it was furious (V stayed in her jammies ALL DAY), but it was still so fun!
We LOVE Disneyland at Christmas time!
Its so pretty and festive!
Tram selfie

Pen took this! Pretty good eh?

this was by far their favorite ride


Cookie Party

We love decorating gingerbread houses for the holidays.
We usually like to invite friends over and make a special thing of it.
Our new church has an actual gingerbread house decorating party.
How cool is that?
There was tons of candy, baked goods, and hot cocoa.
We sang songs and Santa read the Night Before Christmas.
Love this tradition!