Christmas party with the Mann's

My girlfriend Sarah being the little "mini Martha" that she is always put together fantastic parties. I am so lucky to be her friend! LOL Well her Christmas party did not disappoint. From the food to the decorations everything was absolutely perfect. Thank you Sarah! XOXOXO



My mommy group... aka "PEP" has been such a lifesaver to me as a new mom. I've met some incredible ladies, and some pretty awesome kids too. ;) This support group has helped me cope with being a first time mom by offering support, advice and sometimes just an open ear. Well this November I was finally able to open up MY house for them! Our last place had super small choppy rooms that weren't condusive to hosting a large group (much less their crawling toddlers!) Now we have a nice open downstairs so these kiddos can play to their hearts delight! On November 24 we changed things up a bit by scheduling our meeting time a little later in the day so some of the moms who can't usually make it could stop by for some holiday cheer. It was a little crazy to attempt something like this the day before Thanksgiving, but I am so glad we did because it was really fun!

Penelope's like "mom what happened to our house?"


November 19th was my mom's birthday. We made cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, grilled hotdogs with corn on the cob and artichokes and salad. After dinner we went out for coffees at Live Culture and sat in the rain! We managed to stay pretty dry though. ;) I love you mom so much. Thank you for all the sacrifices you have made for us and for all your love and prayers. You never give up on any of us and you are such a great grandma. We love you!


Penelope Turns One!

Penelope turned one on November 10! We celebrated with two of her friends, Desi and Sam on November 7 at the MacNaughton home. So it was a fun Triple Bday! The invite featured a pic of all three babies in a "film strip" with the title "Smile You're Invited" (pic to be uploaded soon). We used the invite as inspiration throughout the rest of the party by using the colors turquoise, purple and green, and the graphics of circles and stars for our little "stars." My favorite photographer Madeleine madphoto.com was there taking fun candids of all the kids and even set up a "photo booth" for fun photo opps. This party was so much fun, even though Penelope was hanging on by a thread through most of it. LOL She just couldn't get that nap in with all the activitiy- but she lasted nonetheless. Happy Birthday to our beautiful little girl who is growing up so fast! You are such a joy and delight and have enriched our lives more than we could have ever imagined. I love you Miss Penelope Pearl!

To carry on with the theme we even tied in the food courtesy of French trained chef and dad to Sam, Mr Grant MacNaughton! Here are "Sam's Sliders" featured above- yum!

"Penelope's Pepperoni Pizzas"
and don't forget Desi's dunkers
(which were grilled cheese sandwiches in the shapes of circles dunked in tomato soup!)

Desi wins the cupcake smashing prize

homemade caramel corn made by Sarah and her mom

WE had these cute labels made for their chairs!

My family

The birthday kids (and their fab mommas!)

Welsh and Hollems families

Happy Birthday P!
Here's to many more fabulous birthdays