Bahama Mama

So this post now is over a month late but we have had a lot going on so please excuse! :) 
Over Easter James, Pen and I visited my friend, Antonia (aka, college roommate) in the Bahamas. 
Now she is from the Bahamas- but of course most would never know this. When I first saw her pic (before we met in person) I thought she was hispanic! If you hear her talk you're like "where are YOU from?!" LOL. Anyway, she was an excellent hostess and wanted to make sure we got the full Bahamian experience- right down to the true local conch salad. Check out the pics!

First day: Travel Day- so tired and HUNGRY!
Toni took us to this local spot that makes a mean conch salad

Second day: Blue Lagoon Island
This place was awesome. For just $30 bucks got a ferry ride, lunch, dolphins, lounge chairs, umbrellas etc.

Since it was a lagoon the water was super calm. They even had water slides and trampolines. We had a blast here.

Pen preferred the dolphin from a distance!

Third day: The Atlantis!
We loved lounging at the pools, beach and hanging in the lazy river

Fourth day: Atlantis again!
On this day we hung out at some great kiddie pools for P and me and Toni checked out the Mandara Spa.

P checkin out the beach at the Atlantis

No oil here baby!

workin' the bump!

This raft was a huge hit! Thanks again Tammy!

That's my man!

That night we had a wonderful steak dinner at the Seafire Grill on Paradise Island

dessert, yummmm

Isn't it fun rockin' the handicap elevator these days?

Toni loves taking pictures of herself! Some things never change! LOL

Atlantis touch tanks

hanging out in the aquarium of the Atlantis, this was some kind of ancient diving suit

Marina at Paradise Island (Atlantis in the background)

me and the roomie!

me and P loved this pool, there were itty bitty kiddie slides, fountains and it was only 1 ft deep!

now its time for mommy time!
The Mandara Spa


Fifth day: Easter/family potluck
We spent the morning at Toni's church and the rest of the day hanging out inside her condo (raining that day.) The food was excellent though!
After church we went to the markets for souveniers

Pen in her little island Easter dress! You know what I say- on Easter you either go bright or you go white!
This year it was bright!

I love the neckline on this!

Penelope really liked the gummy chicks in her easter basket. LOL!

Sixth day: Beach and travel day
Around 10:30am we headed for the local beach, then got some lunch at the Green Parrot before heading to the airport.
toni's dog Bailey- P and Bailey were best buds on this trip

This was such a fun trip and we can't wait to do it again!