A Happenin' Halloween

Halloween is a super fun holiday, but it wasn't always for me. We actually didn't celebrate Halloween when I was a kid. Instead we would pile into our parents bed watch movies and order pizza. It was fun but I always knew I was missing out on something really really cool. As an adult I started celebrating--- as much as an adult can (ie. work costume parties/scavenger hunts, out at the bars or maybe a house party). This was all fun too but NOTHING compared to celebrating Halloween KID style. Now that I have kids I have to say the holidays are incredible. In fact so many little things are incredible now, and we get to do all this fun "kid stuff" (ie. carousels, parks, zoo, cartoon movies--- yeahhh baby!)
So needless to say our fall starts to get pretty jam packed with the start of Violet Mae's birthday on October 16. After that we hit the ground running and don't stop until after Christmas. And Halloween, which was once a one day celebration is now a month long extravaganza. 

To kick off our Halloween festivities, Pen's best bud Sam had a super fun spooky birthday bash. His parents had some fun Halloween party games and really played up the theme with all the food and goodies. I wish my pics did it justice- these guys outdid themselves :
mummy brownies

pretzel wands

cheese brooms

I made this Dory costume for Violet Mae

Halloween was also my first holiday to make treats for Penelope's class.
I know most kids love cookies and chocolates so I thought these bats would be irresistible. 
The wings are pop tarts and the face is an oreo all dipped in chocolate. 
The eyes are pumpkin seeds and mini chocolate chips.
Avery fun project and a hit with the kids!

More holiday fun:
A visit with their cousin Lilja (the cute smurf you see below)
Penelope helping mommy make a ghost garland

This year was also our first visit to Boo at the Zoo. This was very cool.
The zoo was decked out and the kids could even trick or treat. 
Penelope was very excited to see Santa!
Violet Mae reading a story with Mother Goose

This year we decided to dress up as the characters from one of Penelope's all time favorite movies- Nemo.
She was Nemo and the baby was Dory and James and I were the divers- yes we did trick or treat with the kids in wet suits, crazy.
Last year Penelope refused to wear her Minnie Mouse costume- even though at the time she absolutely loved minnie. She didn't even want to trick-or-treat. Well, turning three does have its advantages because now she understands so much more. I also gave her the choice of what she would like to be (secretly hoping I would be able to coordinate the two sisters). When she said Nemo and Dory I was a little bummed out because well lets face it, not the cutest outfits out there. So I decided to improvise. I bought the shirts and make little fins for them in my sewing class. Then I added the Nemo stripes and applied an iron-on decal. I also made my first attempt at making a no-sew tutu. To top it all off I found these adorable fishy hats and leggings on Etsy. I think all-in-all the outfits turned out pretty cute!

Trick or treating in Sam's neighborhood!


my two fishies



Happy One Little V!

Well, well, well little miss finally turned one today.
October 16, 2012

The night before her big day we had a little family dinner at our home.
It was very sweet with presents and cake... and of course balloons. 

On October 6 Violet Mae took her first steps, and is now walking around like she owns the place (which maybe I'm the only one who hasn't realized that she actually does already). This past month she also started saying Da-Da (11months, 20days old). Now she has babbled this many times before I guess, but for me this was the first time I realized it was intentional. She stood at the door and after daddy walked outside she called after him. It was sooo cute.

I know people say it goes much faster the second time around, but I underestimated how true that statement is. IT HAS FLOWN! Maybe because she has turned out to be such a fun, happy girl and every moment (well okay ALMOST every moment) is such a joy, or maybe its because she's just so busy trying to keep up with her big sis... but this little girl is growing so fast. (now how was that for a run-on sentence fellow grammar geeks). ;)

The following day was Violet Mae's actual birthday so we of course had to celebrate that as well. 
We started out with chocolate chip pancakes (because that's V and P's fav breakfast--- oh ok and mine too, and hey who doesn't love an excuse to start out with sugar). After we headed off to Chase Palm Park so Penelope could do her part to keep the local duck community alive (on Cheerios no less!), followed by a carousel ride (just making sure everything is still in proper working order for the combo birthday extravaganza in three weeks), picnic, playtime at Shipwreck park and playtime at East Beach park. When we got home we had some lovely visitors (Kate and boys) who dropped off cake and presents. So of course this meant that we had round 2 of cake and candles. Not a bad way to celebrate your first birthday Violet Mae. Who knows, maybe when you're old like me you will have mastered the art of stretching this beloved day out for at least a month before finally giving it a rest. 

Happy Birthday little miss. 
You are so loved.

Sooo I'm kind of obsessed with silhouettes.
I thought I would carry this theme throughout her bday decor.
It just feels so timeless and sentimental, perfect for a first birthday.
This is Violet's silhouette I made out of sugar paper.
The cake is a cream cheese/strawberry cake from Jeannine's-
to die for! I knew both the girls would love this.

the dad with the dad's dad ;)

ahhh silhouette!

A classic shot

yeah I know my bra is showing here, but I really like the pic ok!

I think this photo is hilarious

I made this birthday crown out of lace.
Just spray with "stiffen stuff" and let dry
then just super glue to a head band and... Voila!

cousin lily with the other dad's dad

so sweet
birthday girl!

crown :)

birthday vignette

so I got this frame at Michael's for just a penny!
It was originally supposed to be for a graduation (one pic for each 12 years of school photos)
 but I thought it was just perfect for a baby's first year!

It was nice to finally put this shadow box to good use
fun memorabilia of her fist year and... silhouette!

Part 2

chocolate chip pancakes...  yum!

playing at East Beach

first time riding the carousel by herself. She was so serious!

Later that night having cake, She was super tired here but that didn't stop her from devouring her cake!

go girl! Happy Birthday!