Everly's Eighth Month

Everly's eighth month of life was super fun.
This was her first Christmas, that includes meeting Santa, going to Disneyland and all of the fun festivities in between.
It was action packed as always and Everly enjoyed every minute!

hiking to the seals

costco trip with the sissies

looking festive

sneaky grabber 

first time in a bouncer

hanging with the cousins

first time at Disney

first time meeting Minnie

she was fascinated with all the characters, she tried to eat Chip's nose

selfie with Minnie

yeah Disneyland really wore her out!

fascinated with Mickey

she loved opening presents with the MacNaughtons

sissy cuddles at the Mission

hangin with Dave at the Christmas Eve service

visiting the manger on Christmas Eve

christmas eve at grammy and papa bear's

christmas eve brunch at La Arcada

Baby's 1st Christmas!

enjoying her christmas bouncer!

outtakes from our Christmas card photo shoot

hangin' with Auntie Toni

not stoked on the big man