Everly Two Months Old

Little E was a very busy 2 month old.
Enjoy her pics!

2 month checkup
little lady had put on roughly 3 pounds since her last visit
HT: 22 1/2 inches (50%)
WT: 10lbs.11oz (50%)
HC: 15 inches (50%)

meeting Uncle Randy

She was bath baby for PEP's Baby Basics class
She was super calm through the whole thing
I told them not to be worried if their baby's weren't this calm!

I get lots of smiles when I'm making dinner
this is where she likes to hang

there's never a shortage of attention around here!

in the early morning if I have to feed her I put her in bed with me and get some snuggle time

they both look tired here! ha!

Father's Day brunch- hanging with Grammy

hanging out on sissy's bed

meeting Christy and Andrew

tummy time

mommy was busy

first time in her gym!

first time batting at a toy (2 months, 25 days old)

these toys never do get old do they?

hanging with her sissies

everybody gets to enjoy her new ride

finding hands (2 months, 29 days old)

first swim

first photo shoot!
more pics on a separate post later

Blueberries, the official kickoff to summer...

In my mind you know summer is beginning when its time to pick fresh Santa Barbara blueberries.
This year I decided to go a little early in the hopes of beating the heat and getting the best pick.
I was not disappointed.
Now we've done this little trip with the kids before, and before it was more of a nostalgia kind of a thing.
But I really love blueberries.
I try to incorporate them into as much of my normal menu as possible.
My oatmeal, my cereal, smoothies and salads.
So when I can get them fresh and so sweet- I go for it.
This year we had a rookie with us... sweet little 2 month old Everly Elle.
This was mission "get the blueberries and get out as soon as possible."
and that's exactly what we did.
There were so many I was pulling them off in fistfuls and literally throwing them in the bucket.
Penelope was a big help and filled a whole bucket almost entirely by herself.
Violet enjoyed eating the blueberries, and Everly- yes Everly was literally nursed smack dab in the middle of a blueberry field in the scorching sun.
... wish I would have got a shot of that one. whew!

So with two big buckets of blueberries we had a lot of fun trying different recipes.
We made the most delicious blueberry muffins ever. My friend Cherise shared that one with me.
They are literally called To Die For Blueberry Muffins... and they stand up to the name.
I suggest doubling the recipe because these made like 8... so not enough.

the kids enjoyed getting in on the action

My friend Jenn over at sbhallfamily also gave me the 
We devoured these quite easily...
sorry for the not so snazzy pic...

And of course a beautiful day in the California sunshine calls for a photo op.
enjoy our pic(k)s!