The Lucky irish

I gotta say my St. Patty's Day used to be celebrated "VERY DIFFERENTLY."
Now they're spent baking special treats for Pen's class, and pretty much just eating.
Happy St. Patty's Day!

lucky charms treats- I couldn't resist
apparently Pen's classmates couldn't either!
made exactly like regular rice krispy treats but with lucky charms and adding green food dye to the marshmallows

sweet four leaf clover cookies from Nana

and her amazing Irish stew with homemade soda bread

and mint ice cream to finish it off

yeah hoping Nana will be making this meal a tradition every year 


Birthday Surprise!

In March I was able to do something I never thought possible.

One night when James and I were out on a date (swoon) we had a conversation about how it would be really cool to surprise our friend Sarah for her birthday. I gotta tell ya, he scored a million bonus points when he actually suggested I just book a flight and go see her for the weekend! Luckily I had some credit card points to pay for that ridiculously expensive flight, and was able to coordinate the whole thing with her sis. It totally worked out!

I flew in on a Friday morning and was picked up by one of my most cherished life-long friends, Christy. We got to spend the whole day together, and I was stoked to meet her sweet little baby Wilder.
Then around 5pm Sarah's sis, Kristen came to pick me up and deliver the "surprise."
Sarah's reaction was hilarious!
She opened the door, smiled and almost shut it in my face!
Then she quickly opened it back up, stared at me, started shaking and screaming and jumping up and down. 
needless to say she was just a LITTLE surprised to see me 
Her reaction made the entire trip worth it. he he

I went out with her and some of her girlfriends that night for dinner and drinks and let me just say the dinner was one of my all time favorites. I took plenty of pics because, well I just love taking food pics, and well I had to document the yumminess!

The next evening I had to fly out so we spent the day having breakfast at Kristen's, and then a little retail therapy.

I am so so so thankful for friends like Christy and Sarah, and that even though they live pretty far from me now- I still get the opportunity to spend some quality time with them each year.
Ah, God Bless great friends. 

sweet Christy and I having lunch at a super yummy Indian restaurant

cocktails at kristen's house (The before)

birthday girl!


this shot so captures the moment

me and Wilder!

isn't he the cutest?!!!