Christmas Day

Christmas Day was super relaxing this year. We took our time opening presents with the girls and James's mom and I attempted to make a cinnamon roll recipe which clearly needed much more time for the dough to rise than indicated in the recipe. Oh well. We more than made up for that with a huge feast that my mom prepared later that day. Every year she makes a prime rib roast with twice baked potatoes and broccoli casserole. YUM! Its so fun having a two year old. Kids really do make the holidays priceless. We just couldn't wait for Penelope to wake up to a bunch of presents. She wasted no time in opening them either.
Merry Christmas!



Christmas eve was a blast this year. We decided to just hang out as the four of us. 
The day started with breakfast at Andersens on State Street. I love this restaurant because its on such a pretty stretch of State and on a lovely day (as this Christmas was) it is so nice to sit outside (plus they make a killer mint mocha!) Penelope loved playing in the plaza near by too. Afterwards we did some last minute shopping then went to visit baby Jesus and the sheep again. When Penelope woke up from her nap we went to the Christmas Eve service at our church and sang songs. Violet slept on her dad the whole time. So cute.
Penelope made cookies for Santa with daddy and then we went over to her friend Sam's house for some yummy apps. Such a lovely day. 

hiding in the clothes at Old Navy, what a ham

we took the girls to Chicken Little to pick out a special gift together from mommy and daddy

what a setting, could be a postcard

this little girl is my sunshine

christmas eve service at Hope, check out Violet LOL!

with our Pastor and his wife - Jim and Jenny Firth, love these guys

Penelope enjoying her candy cane 

making cookies for Santa is a very important job!

he won't mind if I eat the dough right?


christmas fun

The holidays have been incredibly busy for us this year, but also very fun!
Here is a little recap of what we've been up to.
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day post to follow!
Merry Christmas
picking out our tree

Penelope's first advent calendar
I put turquoise labels on the clothespins with each day of December

turquoise and silver tree, love!

Pen and bud Kenz working on her gingerbread house


holiday craft project with mom- painting christmas magnets

more holiday crafts with mom- making fun ornaments

visiting the live nativity scene at the mission

since we live close to the mission we get to drive by a lot and p always yells out, "sheep!" "baby Jesus!"

I got inspired with my wrapping this year, fun green yarn and doily labels!

an idea I got from my friend rebecca to glue lace to ceramic vases
so cute! (this is actually her gift this year too)

fun red and white twine makes cute ribbon too
our house!