9 years....

9 Years!
9 eventful, busy, life-changing, incredible years.
I wouldn't want to do life with anyone else.


Easter 2015

Easter was so fun this year!
Our church celebrated with a huge party outside on Sunday.
There was face painting, balloons, a bounce house and the Easter bunny.
Afterwards we had brunch with Eric and Linda.
So fun!

dyeing easter eggs

spring decor

easter art

making easter sugar cookies for the kids at Transition House

Transition House Easter celebration

Easter Sunday

Brunch at Eric & Linda's--- she went ALL OUT


egg hunt


Everly and Sofia's first birthday bash

so little E's fav friend in the whole wide world is of course her cousin Sofia who is almost exactly one month younger than she is. It just so happens that her mom is also one of my most fav people in the world (and her dad too for that matter) ;)
so it just seemed to make perfect sense to join forces with this super creative lady to plan one fun, adorable party for our littlest littles first birthday!
The theme we went with was "daisy" so all things yellow and white of course
it was sweet and dainty
perfect for our little monkey angels!

happiest of birthdays my dear sweet loves
you light up our lives every single day
everly, if every baby was like you i'd have like ten more
you are true sunshine

check out the adorable pic(k)s!

so check it out, store bought cupcakes, cupcake "fence" wrappers from michaels, daisy STICKERS! from
Michaels. attach stickers to toothpicks and voila!
totally adorable cupcakes in NO TIME AT ALL
this is how I operate these days
where can I get the biggest bang for my buck... and time. ;)

Linda's homemade sugar cookies! so pro looking

we made a photo garland for each birthday girl of snapshots from each month

I found this adorable ferris wheel from zulily for another party, but spray painted it white

I made each birthday girl a homemade crown of lace
buy lace, spray with Stiffen Stuff, let dry
hot glue together
its that simple people

store bought cupcake with a blinged out store bought candle
buy a candle
spray with spray glue
shake on glitter

garland: print out a triangle in a size you like
make a template with card stock
trace onto paper of choice
cut out
attach sticker

oh and for these particular crowns I used a sponge pouncer from Michaels
(typically used for stencils) and some metallic fabric paint and painted the crowns after the glue
was finished drying, then you can take elastic and sew to each end of  your crown
or just try hot glueing the ends
seriously if you have not splurged on a hot glue gun yet
you need too.

look at this beautiful woman! supermodel status right here ;)

my niece Lilja


my buddy and college roommate Toni was also in town

birthday girl meltdown time!

one for the memory book!

the balloons were much more of a hit than the cake

mission accomplished.