Welshes find snow...

In January we got our first taste of snow for the year.
The girls hadn't seen snow in two years since last winter was so dry.
We just decided to keep it simple, and take them somewhere close for a couple days.
We have some good friends with a cabin in Wrightwood, Ca, and they were so wonderful to let us use it for a couple nights.
We hiked back into the Angeles Forest and found a winter wonderland!
It was amazing, beautiful untouched snow and we had so much fun exploring and sledding.
Our buddies the Crowders came up and visited us for the day as well.
So fun!
The girls also took another ski lesson. 
Hoping as they grow to make these trips more often so they can actually learn to ski!
Enjoy the pic(k)s!

probably one of my all time favorite pics

lots of momma baby selfies
its one of the only ways I get in the shot these days!

dance party with daddy

night skiing