Landshark field trip

 On Thursday Penelope got to go on a field trip with her class. They all went for a tour on the Landshark! It doesn't get much better than a bus that turns into a boat right? Penelope loved hanging onto the sides with the wind in her hair. I think the sea lions or "doggies" was her favorite though. ;)
loading up!

Some of Pen's classmates and her teacher Ms Jennifer

Penelope's favorite teacher, Miss Brandy

here we go!


4th of July recap!

July 4th this year was super relaxing. We started out the day visiting some friends at the beach over at Santa Clause Lane. Afterwards we headed over to the Mann's home for a bbq/housewarming party. Their new house is super cute and their backyard is an oasis! Of course with every party at the Mann's the food is excellent too. We finished up the day by watching the fireworks from SBCC. We didn't even have to leave the car. Perfect. (especially since Pen was asleep in the backseat!)
she really enjoyed this hammock! especially with daddy 

i love this photo with P and her friend Alana and daddy Chris

Jason Mann and Desi

my friend Kristin and fam

Lauren, Chris and Alana Larkin

another cute preggy mommy, Devyn

Sarah Mann

dad and Kenz loungin

Cherise, Devyn, Kate and Sarah



On July 2nd Penelope and I stayed with my friends Jon and Alisse up in Solvang since James was in LA for a bachelor party (still haven't seen those pics, hmmmm). Anyway, Pen and I missed him but decided to make the most of it. That Sunday I took her to the mini pony ranch. It was a hot day and a lot of the ponies were lying around just trying to stay cool. Pen loves ponies and making the "nay" sound so she thought this was really fun. She got to pet them through the fence and everything. It would be fun if we could get one for a pet, but who wants to clean up all that poop?! We can barely keep up with our dog's! :)
After the ponies we decided to cool off in the clouds back in town with my brothers and sister-in-law for a little beach time. check out the pics!

now thats one fat pony

this one was really sweet but I think he was hoping for a treat

tired, hot pony

P and her aunt linda


Peony Love

I realize my posts are a little behind so I'm desperately trying to catch up on all the fun things I've been wanting to share the last few weeks. One of my favorite favorite times of the year is when we are lucky enough to get our hands on some peonies! These are my absolute favorite flower. They are like a rose only better! They get HUGE and have the most amazing fragrance and come in the most beautiful shades of pink. The ultimate girly flower. When I see them in the store (especially at trader joes since they are so cheap there) I buy up as many as I can justify paying for, and I make as many arrangements as I can and spread them all over my house. Ahhhh, all of you in the midwest who grow these so easily, I envy you. Please cherish your peony, because I certainly do.


Butterflies Alive

On July 1 Penelope and her classmates got to visit the Butterflies Alive exhibit at the Museum of Natural History. I can't even believe how many butterflies there were! They were everywhere!!! Penelope really enjoyed checking them out too. Here are some pics. :)