My mommy group... aka "PEP" has been such a lifesaver to me as a new mom. I've met some incredible ladies, and some pretty awesome kids too. ;) This support group has helped me cope with being a first time mom by offering support, advice and sometimes just an open ear. Well this November I was finally able to open up MY house for them! Our last place had super small choppy rooms that weren't condusive to hosting a large group (much less their crawling toddlers!) Now we have a nice open downstairs so these kiddos can play to their hearts delight! On November 24 we changed things up a bit by scheduling our meeting time a little later in the day so some of the moms who can't usually make it could stop by for some holiday cheer. It was a little crazy to attempt something like this the day before Thanksgiving, but I am so glad we did because it was really fun!

Penelope's like "mom what happened to our house?"

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  1. Looks like a fun filled evening for all! YaY!