My girlfriend Sara told me about these cute baby clips a friend of her sister's makes. The company is called Baby Wisp. What's great about these barrettes is that they don't need much hair to latch on to and they stay in place while still being gentle on baby's tender scalp. Plus they look pretty cute on her baby girl Hannah. So since I have seen these up close and personal I can definitely recommend. I think I'm going to get Penelope this cute set here. Check it out at www.babywisp.com


  1. Those are very cute! Wish they made them in the adult-women-with-obscene-amounts-of-hair variety too. ;o) I have so much hair I don't know what to do with it. Lately I've been keeping it in two braids for lack of a better option. I really like the patterned ribbon design. Very cute.

  2. This was really sweet. Thank you! Please email us
    info@babywisp.com for a 10% off coupon code.
    Beena on behalf of Baby Wisp
    p.s. we have BIG GIRL URBAN prints that fit adult hair sold at THREADHILL on 124 st edmonton and COLOURBLIND on Whyte

  3. Matching clippies! Love it!
    Thank YOU!