29 Again??!


Yes I can't believe its already been another year, and wow what a year its been. This time last year I had just secured an apartment in Santa Barbara. We moved into our place here in SB in September, and two months later had a baby! My official birthday was Sunday August 1, but that didn't stop us from making a week long celebration out of it!

Every Friday night in the summer Santa Barbara plays old classic monster movies in the Courthouse Sunken Gardens. Now my parents are black+white, AMC channel fanatics so they couldn't wait to join us for this outing. We went to dinner at Jane on Friday, and then watched The Bride of Frankenstein. It was hilarious! Scroll down for a play by play. ;)

me with my mom and dad

me and "MAMA JULI" aka James's mom


So that was FRIDAY. On SATURDAY my dearie hubbie prepared a delicious brunch at our place and we invited the grandparents, my parents and my little brother drove up from Marina del Rey. James made french toast "Tupelo Junction style" just the way I like it. He also made a savory scramble with caramelized onions and bacon and delicious cheese, homemade jam and bacon. Oh and of course fresh squeezed oj with our mimosas! Yum! I got a little carried away decorating my porch, but hey any excuse to decorate and I'm all over it! Check out the pics below...

My brother Eric swinging P in her Johnny Jumper.
BTW she doesn't actually jump in this thing. I think she thinks its just a swing. LOL

My mom with my grandparents

It was cold that morning.
The party almost pooped out on my porch idea but they sucked it up.
My dad even made a fire.

My grandpa loves making these crazy faces.
He loves talking in crazy voices too for that matter.
I think this is his Frankenstein impression??

There's my bear working hard in the kitchen! xoxoxo

Lanterns are the best investment, you can reuse them again and again.
They make everything look so festive!


Notice anything funny about this pic?

Later that night my girlfriend Kelly and her family took us out for dinner at the Hamstead House in Solvang. It was delish!

Sarah's brunch:
On Sunday (my actual bday) my girlfriend Sarah was kind of enough to put together a huge brunch for me and some friends. She went to sooo much work, I can't even believe it. Her food was amazing. She made an amazing coconut cream cake, cheddar biscuits, two different frittatas, vanilla bean sugar, yummy bacon and sausage etc etc. It was a feast!

me thanking everybody, trying not to get emotional! LOL

Is that a mimosa in your hand or are you just happy to see me?

Isei liked Bo

Jim brings out the goofy- well goofy-er side of James. ;)

I bought him that shirt. Doesn't he look handsome?

Poor P!

This pic is priceless! Talk about some multi-tasking!

So as if alllll this wasn't enough extravagance my dear sweet hubby once again spoils me. He took me the following Thursday night to the Bacara. This was our first overnight without the baby. I am happy to say that all reports say she did very well. What a breakthrough from the baby that didn't even want to be held much less left with anyone but me and James! I spent all day Thursday at the Bacara with P. My lovely girlfriend Talina joined us for lunch and then on Friday I got a massage at the spa and James and I laid out ALL afternoon by the pool. Ahhhh a dream come true. My girlfriend Natalie works at the Bacara so she hooked us up with a huge ocean view suite. It was fab!!!

The perfect ending to the perfect birthday. (sigh)


  1. Hey Lar Bear!

    Ya birthday appears to have been a blast! Loved reading about it all! Miss u and can't wait to c u and of course meet Ms. P. this Dec! We'll be purchasing our tickets next month so i'll keep u posted! Ya think i could bring Bailey?!?! Just kidding!! But seriously? What you think?!?! LOL!

    Love you girl!!!


  2. Hilarious! Yes you can bring him, but only if he's potty trained! I know how those little dogs can be. I have a couple in the family. ;)

  3. Looks like a fab time! Miss you and P!

  4. You and your entire family are all so cute. Love the brunch decorations!