Violet Mae arrives!

On October 16 after what seemed the longest week of false labor contractions I finally went into... well labor! I could barely sleep that night and around 5:30am just decided to give up and went into the living room to start folding laundry. Around 6:30am I started having difficult contractions, the kind where you have to stop and breathe through them, and thought--- hmmm could this be it?! Well i didn't want to get too excited so I started timing them on my handy contractions app on my Iphone. By 7:30 they were getting more consistent and they were still painful so I decided to wake James up and then I got in the tub. We rolled into the hospital at 8:30 am Sunday morning. It was so nice getting to the hospital in the morning because it was super quiet and calm. I ate breakfast and then decided to get an epidural. At first I thought I should wait because I was still 3cm dilated (which I had been since that Wednesday) so I was a little worried that if I couldn't get up to walk around (which you can't do after an epidural) that my labor might stall. An hour later the nurse checked me again and I had dilated another centimeter so we felt confident. Boy am I glad I got my epidural when I did because my contractions were fast and furious. By 12:30 my water broke and two hours later I was 8cm!! It wasn't long after that when I felt it was time to push and by 3:24pm Violet was born weighing in at 91bs 3oz and 21 inches long. Because the birth was so fast she didn't have a chance to get all the fluid pushed out of her lungs so the doctors thought it best to keep her in the NICU and start her on 48hours of antibiotics to rule out any chance of infection. So alas another nicu baby (sigh). We were really hoping to have her in our room with  us this time, but we were so happy to finally get her home. Her big sis even came for a couple visits and got to watch her from the patio outside. (those pics are super cute which I will include in the next post!)
Welcome to the world my little Violet Mae. 
You are so precious and so sweet and we love you sooo  much!
all smiles after my epidural! LOL

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