Happy Easter!

I must say this Easter was pretty freakin' amazing. Especially for the kids!
It might as well have been Christmas. Multiple baskets of goodies, tons of chocolate and presents, Easter egg hunts and even a visit from the Easter bunny. Gosh, its good to be a kid.
This past weekend started out with a bang. Penelope had an Easter egg hunt at school and for dinner we hung out with our friends at Arnoldi's. On Saturday the Easter bunny made a quick stop to say hello to the girls because he just couldn't resist and even Penelope's friend Sam got to meet him. Sunday we spent the morning at church and then had some of the family over for some crawfish etouffee! and yes, even another egg hunt and visit from our friend the Easter bunny or "big bunny" as Penelope likes to call  him. ;)
Happy Easter!
egg hunt at Pen's preschool

she quickly figured out this game!

family night out!

Penelope couldn't stop stuffing her face!


Penelope and Violet had matching outfits this year. I ordered them off of Etsy. P's was a dress and Violet's was a cute romper. Violet even had crochet bunny slippers and a bunny bonnet! So cute!

my mom with my two brothers

James's mom made this incredible egg bread

me and my sister in law Linda with her 1month old baby Lilja!

Violet opening her first easter basket

Violet and Lilja hangin in the gym

Ha! Check out the look on P's face. Classic
my brother Jason with his girls