Turkey Day

Thanksgiving is such a fun holiday especially if you're a foodie like me.
I've spent Thanksgiving in many different places and I must say as long as you have people you love AND food  you love around you really can't go wrong.
We had a nice big group this year with the entire fam and it was a blast. 
Thank God for Pinterest because it gave us plenty of inspiration to try new things and even put a fun spin on some of our more traditional recipes. I think some us got a little too inspired because well we had more food than we knew what to do with!
I know I know "first world problems right?"

Isabella proved her culinary skills this year by making these delicious smores cupcakes- she even made the marshmallow icing by scratch and toasted them!
the far bottom right is her butterscotch cake- yum!

dancing with Grammy

pumpkin butter rolls made by James's mom aka nana and the far bottom right is her Pinterest inspired turkey relish tray
what a crew!

another highlight was this yummy pumpkin apple cider martini


  1. Awww how fun to see this post. The food was so amazing this past year! We r getting better and better :).

    1. Yes we are Linda-lou-- I needed to post your cheesecake but didn't get a pic- best CHEESECAKE EVER!!