This fall I was lucky enough to get invited along by some gal pals to participate in the studio audience for the talk show Ellen. I've known people who've done this before, but have heard about how big of a day/endeavor it can be so I never took the time to investigate it for myself. After all, you have to sign up online, hope to get tickets, hope you are free the day that they give you, find someone to go with you (who wants to go by themselves right?), drive to LA and pretty much block out the whole day--- because it is an entire day (or it feels that way when you're driving from Santa Barbara). So the fact that these wonderful ladies had already taken care of everything and all I had to do was find a sitter meant I was along for the ride! It was such an interesting experience... not knowing what was happening, what would happen next, why they were doing what they were doing etc etc. I think Ellen is hilarious so it was definitely a treat to see her show live. We even lucked out and got invited back to a second show... one of the coveted 12 days of Christmas giveaway shows. We won lots of cool stuff and I was able to spiff out the hubby with a few extra Christmas gifts. If you ever have a chance to do something like this, I highly recommend!

audience member lobby

me and Devyn clowning around before the show

we got great seats!

me and Colette waiting in the parking lot

all dolled up for the christmas show

Christmas Ellen


  1. Omg you never told me about this. How fun!!! I love Ellen. My friend loves her too and goes all the time. What did you guys get for the 12 giveaways for Christmas? I hear that it's so hard to get I'm there for those days. And the gifts are extravagant!!,

    1. Apparently it is but some of the girls I went with got on the giveaway show last year too! I guess I was with a lucky group. Ours was the bonus show so it was kind of the "extra" stuff but it was still good. Some gifts cards to Gap, Sharper Image, face products, Dodger tickets etc. Very fun!