A little someone is TWO!

 A quick warning, this post has a TON of pics!
As I was scrolling through Violet's year I got caught up in how much fun we all had.
Its amazing to see how much she's grown just since January!
I love everything about this little munchkin… the way she talks (need to record her more), the way she walks and has this funny little "dance" kind of run, the way she luuuuvvs to play dress up (if that girl sees a tutu she will make a beeline for it!), the way she can still be rough and tumble (nothing stops her for long), how fearless she is, how she loves to sing to herself, how she loves to play and entertain herself, her obsession with all things Ariel (including her main squeeze Prince Eric)- and at one point she was demanding I sing "A Whole New World" at least 10x a day, mostly in the car. geez! I love how she adores her older sis Penelope, and how every single day she seems to have something splattered across her chin… no matter what. I love how she knows all of her friends names and you can often hear her reciting them in her crib at night. She is one independent little lady with a very naughty, spicy side. This one definitely has a spark, and as my mom put it so well- is just IRRESISTIBLE. Even though I dread taking her to the grocery store, and am actually still recovering from a recent IKEA trip I still can't get enough of this little one. She is absolutely addicting. 

This year we got to celebrate her twice. Once on her actual day October 16 with family, and again with her sister and friends on November 10. 
Her sweet Oct 16 was filled with balloons and cake and she seemed to love every minute of it.
I can't get over how much you've grown little Violet Mae.
you amaze us
We love you so much.
posing for mommy all dressed up in her playhouse at her big birthday party

"cheese!"- at the harbor festival

pimpin her sunglasses the "right"way

New Year's beach day

recent cambria trip

goofing off with her favorite cousin this Christmas

footies- NYE

cousin snuggles

nana lunch date

she had an obsession with ducks this year

mommy coffee date

first dentist checkup

stuffing her face on chocolate hummm wonder where she learned that from?

hanging out at sissy's school

stylin and profilin'

goofing off on the plane to Mex with mommy and daddy


park silliness

love her bath pics!

chillin in the shampoo chair while sis gets a haircut

daddy love

sea center visit

with her partner in crime

pickin blueberries with buddy Connor

helping mommy shop

watchin sissy at swim lessons

summer picnics in the backyard- in pjs no less

making daddy his father's day gift

takin a break at the Oak Park kiddie pool

handlin her biz

first boat ride

special Violet photo shoot- which I might add she wasn't into AT ALL!

look at her face here, she's like I don't think so

Violet in April

outtake from the shoot

this was taken in Feb

being silly with daddy at Connor's first birthday in Feb


princess day at the zoo in March

little tink

posing with Grammy at cousin Lilja's bday in March

they're the yummiest straight out of the bath right?

Nana made St. Patty's Day cookies

goofing off with cousin at Easter

snugging Auntie Linda

two peas in a pod

birthday high chair

birthday breakfast included her favs of chocolate chip pancakes with whip, strawberries and sprinkles no less
and of course bacon
oh and the six is because I was saving her other candle for that night and forgot we didn't have any others!

surprising her the morning of her bday
Me, James, Penelope and Gracie walked in singing with a ton of balloons
I think it alarmed her a bit ;)

birthday breakfast!

her first trike!

birthday lunch with grammy and papa bear at Crush Cakes

opening presents at her bday dinner that night

enjoying bday cake with cousin Lilja

halloween- cinderella

stroller love with Cassidy

yep this is her on the daily

my little monkey

and a quick video recap of her bday!


  1. She is soooo freakin' cute! Time has flown by! Love the outtake from the photo shoot and omg may I just say that the Easter cousin pic cracks me up. Lilja is sooooo chubby!

    1. She looks soooo funny there! I love that of the two of them because it totally captures their personalities! James and I were just talking about her tonight and how cute she is!