Everly's Twelfth Month! She is officially One!

Little E is finally one.
She has been such a sweet little baby and we have enjoyed  her first year so much.
hard to believe she is already transitioning into her toddler years.
She is getting into all sorts of mischief and is endlessly curious.
This little one has added so much to our lives, and we are eternally grateful.
I am so so blessed to have the privilege of being your mommy little everly.
Thank you for the best year, I look forward to many more years to come.

This post has pics from Everly's 11th month as well as the sweet little family party we threw her on her actual birthday. There's also a few sneak peeks into the combo birthday she had later in the month with her cousin Sofia.

just one of the big kids in Pismo


first time meeting a horse

kicking it at gymnastics

here she is showing off at baby show & tell with Penelope's class

one year checkup!
29 inches tall (50%)
21 1/2 pounds (75%)
18 inch head circumference (75%)

she likes to wrestle

birthday celebration with her cousin at Papa Bear's pool

they're like this cake thing is over rated

like a boss

first baby class
toddler times at the Wake Center

babies just loooove bubbles

one of the big kids now

multi-tasking with Erin


I think this is one of my favorite pics of all time

watch out its a baby with a baby!

she loves chairs that are just her size 

yep, there she goes again at Erin's house

finally finished updating the nursery

I have to pay for her now at Rockin' Kids!

sweet details from her "daisy" themed birthday with Sofia

little princesses

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