Pretty Little Pumpkins....

This year our local pumpkin patch, Lane Farms had quite a few visits from the Welsh clan.
These are pics from when we all got to go together. So I was behind the lens snapping away.
You never know what you're gonna get with these Welsh ladies.
check out some of the hilarious outtakes (which are more like our standard pic(k)s these days) 
Happy Fall Ya'll!

Soooo here's your typical family photo, except notice that two little pumpkins are enraptured with something to their right
that would be the hayride tractor pulling up right as we're trying to capture this moment
I will also tell you that the lady taking this photo "traded" off with me- she took a full on photo shoot of her family for the entire 2 hours she was there. I think all those kids got to do was pick up a pumpkin (which was then used for their "prop"). She offered to take our picture if I took hers. Can I just tell you I took a bizillion awesome photos for them. She, in return took 5 quick photos and beamed "you got a LOT of great shots!"- we have not one of us all looking in the same direction or of us all smiling. Ah, such is life! Important lesson to remind me to stay in the moment. that real life is in the outtakes and what happens outside the lens. 

upon arrival I asked Pen to take this pic for me
this is her "I'm too cool for this" face

my heart stops

this one cried for the first 30 minutes because she refused to wear the shoes we brought
the only other ones we had in the car were her UGGS and I told her it was way too hot for those
I finally caved and let her run around barefoot- hey don't judge, we all get worn down eventually

not sure whats going on with P here

more sad pouty face, everly on the other hand appears to be stoked she's just allowed to be standing up there

hmmmm not sure what's going on here

"no I will not hold your hand Violet"

the best I could do- Little E almost looking at the camera!

hmmm now I think I'll put something on baby sissy's head

scarecrow Joe- he talks ya know

showin some leg- gonna have to watch out for this lady! :)

there were many more outtakes but who's got the time
one day when I'm really old I'll look them up on the cloud or whatever we'll have by then and laugh my hiney off

and yes, the two younger dresses I made myself
the pattern can be found in the adorable book
Girls World by Jennifer Paganelli


  1. This is so awesome!!! Better than any perfect picture!! Hilarious. I love the colors. You guys look great!