camera lust

Ok so I'm trying to keep up with this blog thingy and so now I'm required to take more pics right? And well since I also have an adorable 4month old I always need a camera right at the ready. I have a pretty nice SLR, but man that thing ways a ton! Not to mention it doesn't really fit in my purse or diaper bag very well. But I love the way it takes pictures- especially compared to my small compact digi. So what if... what if... we could combine the best of both worlds and put it all in a sleek white package? Well we can, introducing the Olympus Ep-1 in white no less. Oh why do I let my secrets out? Now don't all of you go out and buy one right away! This camera is 12.1 megapixel, 3 in LCD monitor, takes high def video, can support multiple lenses, and is very very tiny. And did I mention how totally awesome it looks? hmmmm.... me likey.