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So I terribly miss our old hood in LA sometimes- the Los Feliz neighborhood. This neighborhood was so awesome because you could just be whoever you wanted to be. It wasn't about "who" you were wearing, or "what" you drove or what your last name was or who you were hanging out with the other night on and on and on. Its just a super cool laid back place that encourages you to be different and comfortable in your own skin. There were your hipsters and arty types of course, but there were also plenty of young professionals, families and kids, older folks and of course a decent sized gay community. And with all that everyone still seemed to mesh pretty well. Now this isn't my ode to Los Feliz blog- but I will get to that eventually. I'm writing all of this to say that I found the inspiration for my daughter's room here in a little lingerie store called panty raid. Yep. Amidst all of the yummy eateries and late night coffee shops and cute funky boutiques, right down my street I fell in love with a store for its decor. Yes that does rhyme. Did I spell that right? Anyhew- from the paint color to the rug to even the way I had the rocking chair recovered- I drew ideas from this store. They have a fantastic silver metallic damask wall paper that I wanted so badly to use- but alas since I am still renting I didn't dare. So instead I tried to duplicate the effect as best I could with metallic silver paint and a stencil- Now there's a whole other story! But for now check out the pics and let me know what you think! I was going for modern glam with this one, and I must say it is MY favorite room of the house so hopefully it will be Penelope's too. ;)
The source of inspiration

painting above is modern art of a pregnant mom who is also nursing
dresser I found at the Santa Monica Flea Market

the stencil that I tried to duplicate after a wallpaper I loved from designyourwall.com

the curtains are a raspberry dupioni silk I purchased from Michael Levine in downtown LA and yes this was also from Panty Raid

black floor lamp is ikea and the rug is from overstock.com

my mother-in-law was kind of enough to recover my rocking chair in this fun blue/silver damask design and the pink bench I purchased from my favorite photographer- check out her site at madphoto.com

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  1. A nursery inspired by a lingerie store? Love it! It's really great Laurie. Especially the stenciled wall. I can't believe you did that freehand!!!