Winemaker dinner, and Ziggy sings for P!

This past weekend was action packed and so much fun! We started our Saturday with a little outdoor workout for the whole family (see James and Gracie below) Way to multi-task! I of course am behind them strolling the baby.

On Sunday we took Penelope to her first concert on her 11 month birthday!
Penelope loves Reggae, it always does the trick to calm her down in the car.
This was Ziggy at the Arlington Theater. We went with James dad and family.
It was so much fun!

Happy 11months P! She loves to explore, smirk, clap her hands, stick out her lip and my favorite- sing. Whenever I start singing she likes to sing along. Maybe she'll be a singer like mommy? She is so precious and brings us so much joy everyday. I am living my dream by being a mommy. It is so much more than anything I could have ever expected.
We love you P!

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