Sunday went by incredibly fast. We started out at the zoo for the annual NICU party. All the graduates from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit get to come together each year for a fun party that includes a bounce house, cupcakes, crafts and if its your first time- each child gets to put their hand print on a tile to be placed in the NICU at Cottage. So cute. After that I took Penelope to Climb Time Yoga! This class was super fun. All the babies got to crawl around and play with balls while the moms got to get a great workout. Luckily they had a designated staff member there to keep an eye on the kiddos. Really made a difference!

P's pal Kenzie dropped by to say hello

The Masons were there taking thumbprints

This will be on the wall of the NICU with her name!

Desi playing basketball- yes playing basketball!

Sarah getting a massage!

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