Happy Mommies Day to all!

Mother's Day this year was fab! We started off with some breakfast at Tupelo Junction where P ran into her buddy Felix. Then we took a loooong walk down State Street to the beach while we waited for Pen to take a nap in her stroller. The highlight of the day was taking Pen to see the animated movie Rio. She was hilarious! We went thinking maybe we could get her to sit through 30 min or so, no way, she watched the entire thing! Stuffing her face with popcorn and everything. A girl after my own heart indeed! This year we get to celebrate with Penelope and our hearts and thoughts our thinking about the new one that comes in a matter of months. Penelope is currently infatuated with babies so I will have to get her a baby doll so she can start "practicing" for what is to come. 
Now if it were only that easy for me! Ha! 
Happy Mother's day to all my fab mommies out there! 
Hope your day was as special as you are!

Penelope watching the movie Rio, she had a blast!

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