Penelope is a year and a HALF?!

Today my little poo-bear turned a year and a half. I am so in love with her. She understands so much and is communicating so well. She is obsessed with babies (good thing since she's getting one soon!) and even calls doggies babies. She doles out the hugs and kisses now on a regular basis. I am loving it! Its funny when people ask where I get her hair cut- its never been cut but everyone seems to love her "do." LOL
She is such a little stud, especially when she dances by turning around in circles. What a ham. 
I just came across these pics from Mother's Day last year and can't believe the difference. I can't believe she was just a little baby not that long a go! Mother's Day was extra special last year because we dedicated her in church that day as well. What a cutie!
Happy 18 months Penelope Pearl! 
I love you!

P wearing her Easter dress this year, Bahamas style baby!


  1. P is awesome! I can't believe how much she's grown in a year. It's amazing. So cool too that she loves babies! Good thing. She'll be a great little "mommy's helper" :) XO