Someone is 2!

On November 10 Penelope Pearl turned 2! We decided to celebrate early with a fun bday bash at our home. I was tempted to keep it small this year because I knew I would be exhausted having just delivered Violet, but with the new transition we also figured a special party for P would make her feel extra special. We invited our closest friends and family (as well as some of Pen's favorite buds), made some yummies and even had a surprise visit from some furry friends. I went with a vintage elephant theme since elephants are P's favorite animal. I wanted to keep a fun whimsical vibe so we tried to make everything look as festive as possible complete with yellow and pink lanterns, huge round balloons and lots of fun prints and patterns. Below are some of my favorite pics from the party.

Pen also had her big girl 2 year check up this Monday.
She is 34 inches tall (55%)
27 pounds (60%)
Great Job P! You are right where you need to be!

Milk and Juice for the kiddos labeled the "watering hole" in honor of the elephants ;)

in keeping with our elephant/animal theme I also offered "trail mix," "critter crackers" (frosted animal crackers), circus peantus -in pink and yellow of course :), regular roasted peanuts and pb&J and nutella and banana sandwiches cut in the shapes of fun animals for the kids. We used a lot of chevron and stripe patterns as well.


Penelope and her Aunt Jo


Violet only two weeks old!

feeding the chickens!

one of my best girlfriends, Rebecca did face painting for the kids, so sweet!

P with her nana

Isei, love this pic!

Penelope's Aunt Linda and Aunt Jo and Uncle David

enjoying a lollipop


I loved the cake and if you look carefully you can see two cute pink elephants hiding behind the banner!

Penelope LOVED when everyone sang to her!

This past year Penelope has changed so much. She is her own little person and she brings me so much joy every single day. Just seeing her smile makes me feel like all the hard work is so worth it. I wouldn't want to do anything else. Penelope loves washing dishes in MY sink, singing twinkle, twinkle little star and over the rainbow, reading books to her baby dolls, skipping and spinning, she is currently obsessed with her tunnel, she loves listening to her Elmo cd in the car and singing any song with hand motions, she loves to dance and TALK! I get such a kick out of asking pen to say certain things that I know will sound funny when she says them. :) She also loves to "Count" of course sometimes in no particular order, she also knows her colors blue, yellow and red and her shapes- including the diamond, which surprised even me! She loves puzzles too. This will be my last monthly update on Penelope because she has crossed the threshold into no longer being labeled by age with days/weeks or alas even months. She is now a big mighty independent two year old. So be looking for funny anecdotes or special memories and of course milestones, but these will no longer be labeled into a monthly post, you will see those at 2 1/2 and of course again at three. 
We love you Penelope and are so proud! Happy 2!


  1. Such a fun party for such a sweet girl! She looked so happy when we sang to her-so cute!