Penelope Shenanigans!

My silly little bugger bean couldn't be more "two" these days. Penelope just cracks us up.
She is so BUSY all the time! There is just so much to be done in a day, it must be exhausting to be her because it sure is exhausting trying to keep up with her!
Ever since Penelope's language took off so has everything else. She wants to do EVERYTHING, and by everything I mean she must go and find the remote, grab it from wherever it is and then hand it to me so I can pick out her shows. Or she has to pick out her plate and place it on the table, or she has to take her "pee-pee" to the potty and flush it all by herself--- oooohhhh yes, she has been busy. My little girl is now potty trained at 2 years and 3 mos. Within three days she had it down and hasn't had an accident since. Its all fun and exciting but a bit sad too. My girls are both growing up so fast and I want them to slow, slow, slooowwww down! I love the way Penelope repeats everything I say in her cute little voice. I need to remember to record her because there is just something about a little girl saying "Nelope has tup-tups" and doing a fake cough when she's trying to pretend she has hiccups. 
Yes, most of our evenings you can find James and I chanting and clapping for P as she runs around the kitchen island in circles as fast as she can.
Slow down little P slow down.

first time bowling!

my bohemian princess

busy shopping at Gelson's
mommy's little helper

at the park with dad and grandpa

perfect beach day in SB. In February no less

teddy bear picnic at Pen's school- the hat is actually a pair of ears ;)

Pen with her nana, see a resemblance here? 

my budding artist hard at work at her growing times 1 class

this is how we throw down!

enjoying a date with mom

wild hair just like moms


  1. love it! they are growing up way too fast! and potty training in 3 days! i need your secret! xoxo