Violet turns four months... 2-16-12

On February 16 our little Violet Mae turned 4 months old.

She has been very busy lately.

In the last month she has found her feet, loves playing with her toys, and now sleeps on her tummy!
We just had her four month checkup and here are her stats:
13 lbs. 15 oz
24 1/2 inches long

On her four month birthday we moved her into her own room (she is sleeping in the guest room until we move both girls together to their new room). Violet has become a very good sleeper and this is making mommy and daddy very happy. :) She also got her first meal of rice cereal on her birthday. I noticed she was eyeing me very intensely when I was eating dinner so I thought, hey lets give it a shot! The little girl wolfed down her food so fast!
Violet Mae brings a smile to my face constantly. 
She has the sunniest, happiest dispostion. I never thought I would enjoy a baby this much.
Penelope was a great baby too, but I think now that I realize how fast it goes and now that I know what I'm doing (well most of the time) I just love having a baby. Violet is growing and developing so fast that it makes me proud and sad at the same time. I am not ready for her to start crawling or making legible words. I want her to coo and babble forever, she is my baby.
Sometimes I get misty-eyed though just daydreaming about the future with my two girls. We're out having lunch together or tea. Or the day we go get ears pierced or nails done etc etc. I am so so so glad I have these two little girls because I am incredibly girly so I hope they turn out that way too! ha!
happy birthday baby girl
we love you!!!
a snapshot of Violet Mae in the co-sleeper bassinet next to my bed
this is what I wake up to in the morning!

diaper changes last a very long time because this is her time to get
my full attention, she loves it!... and she loves her toes!

so focused! ha!

her nana snapped this pic while babysitting, guess they were having fun!

her first official roll, there were a few times she rolled on my bed
but with the softness of the comforter she had some help, this time she did it
and wouldn't stop, every time we rolled her to her back she would flip again

violet loves watching her big sis, she is very intrigued,
here they are playing on my bed while i was getting ready in the morning

ha! James snapped this of us when we was leaving for work one morning.
there were many nights that she slept on my pillow like this, we would be cheek to cheek
she loved and it and .... so did i!

penelope loves her little sis!

getting her vaccines at her four month doctor checkup

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