Father's Day Weekend

Father's Day Weekend was so much fun.
On Saturday we joined Penelope for her first ballet class. 
It's a parent-tot class so James jumped in for most of it to show Pen a few things. ;)
Later that night James and I went out for a little wine tasting on the pier- you couldn't pick a more relaxing spot to linger. Then we walked up State Street in a blurry state to have dinner at Something's Fishy. We hadn't been there in forever so it really hit the spot. On Sunday we met up with his dad, brother and sister in the morning at his dad's favorite breakfast spot- Esau's in Carp. To top it all off we paid my dad a little visit later that day. All in all, a very fun dad weekend. 
James you blow me away at how great of a dad you are. 
So loving, patient, nurturing, fun and hard working. 
I am in awe.
love you baby bear

all that dancing is exhausting!

princess dance!

practicing her moves

wine tasting on the pier!

my brother Eric and my dad's house

James's dad gregg with his brother Patrick and sis Isabella

something's fishy!

onion volcano!

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