Father's Day Weekend recap!

  This Father's Day was so fun. We like to stretch holidays into entire weekends in our household. So this means James gets to pick all the activities for the weekend (including where to eat and when to start his day, ha!) We started the festivities on Friday night. After James got off work we took the girls to see Madagascar 3 and then got some indian food.
Saturday I made chocolate chip pancakes and lattes and let James sleep in. (It didn't help that this was a rare weekend that Violet decided to wake up at 6am both days! ahhh!) Anyway, back to James. ;) So after stuffing our faces on chocolate chip pancakes we decided to try to burn it off at the gym for an hour- side by side elliptical machine workouts baby! Now that's what I call love! After our strenuous workout session for all of a mere 45 minutes we picked up Penelope from kids corner and took her to her first ballet class! These classes encourage parent participation if needed, and since it was her first class Pen needed a little motivation at times and that's when dad stepped in. She LOVED it! So cute.      

After ballet we all went out for sushi and then took the girls home for their naps. We decided to hire a sitter so we could have an early night out just the two of us. It is so nice not having to do the bed time routine and just bail! I love summer and that everything stays so light out as well. One thing I miss now that I'm a parent is sometimes just getting out in the DAYtime and enjoying being downtown without the kids. So we decided to park downtown and take the water shuttle to the pier for a little wine tasting over the water. So nice and relaxing! Afterwards we went to hibachi. Its been ages since we've done a hibachi dinner and it sure did hit the spot!

Sunday we went to breakfast at Esaus's in Carp with James's dad and his little brother and sister. I love Carp it is so cute and festive. Penelope loved playing at the little park near the beach.Then we took the kids to see my parents and brother. We were hoping to swim but it was way too cold.

It was a fantastic weekend and I loved celebrating James. He is such a patient, loving, hard-working totally devoted dad. He soaks up those girls every chance he gets, and you can tell just how much joy he gets from being a dad. I remember way back when were just dating thinking how cool it would be to see him as a dad one day because I watched how other kids responded to him, and how much his little brother and sister loved him. Dad's don't get enough credit these days. There is a lot of pressure to provide and fulfill all of their family's needs, and I know so many super star dads that just impress me so much.
Happy Father's Day!!!!

wine tasting at the Deep Sea tasting room on the pier

hibachi baby!

feel that heat?!

how stinkin' cute are they?!

It was also my brother Eric's first father's day.
He is such an amazing dad.
I'm so proud of him.


  1. Such a sweet post! I miss you!!!!!

    1. I miss you too! Come to pep Thursday I'm hosting!

  2. I can't stand the pic where all the little dancers are in a row. I'm dying over here...So insanely cute.