A perfect summer day

On August 18 we had a really fun family day out.
It all started with breakfast at Stella Mare's. From there we took a nice long walk around the bird refuge on up Cabrillo boulevard- making little stops along the way to visit some parks. It was a really nice warm day so we made our way over to the shaved ice cart for the girls while mommy and daddy beat the heat and copped a quick seat at Municipal Winemakers in the funk zone. We also thought we'd play tourist, and take a quick surrey ride with the kids. Then we made the hike back to Grandpa's house so we could hit the pool and cool off before having dinner at Eladio's right in front of the beach walk. What a perfect day from start to finish. One of those I just had to write about. It was one of those days when I really really really appreciate living in Santa Barbara. Our kids are so lucky. I was kicking down crawfish holes in my backyard and watching re-runs of the Brady Bunch in my air conditioning when I was their age. he he

one of our "park stops" at the carousel of course!

surrey ride, local's discount, whoop-whoop!

one of those rare brunches where both Violet and Penelope were more than content to stay in their seats, bliss!

shaved ice and wine! Now that's how I like to cool down!

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