Violet Mae turns 10 months!

So I realize these are a little late but I have had a busy summer and am still playing catch up with the blog! In just three short days my little baby turns 11 months (sniff, sniff). But this post is dedicated to all the fun things she did in her 9 month of life. On August 16th Violet Mae turned 10 months. At 9 months, 15 days old she started scaling the furniture. I predict she will take her first steps around her birthday. Here is a snapshot of month 9 of Violet Mae's life.
We love you little V!

asleep at her second home, the YMCA kids korner!

my mini-me

oceanside family vaca

trying to jump off the Santa Monica ferris wheel,  James almost lost his lunch watching her

playing with cousin Lilja on my bday

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