Pen's 1st Day at Little Angels Preschool

Friday, August 31st, 2012 was Penelope's first day at her new preschool, Little Angels.
She visited a couple times over the summer and loved it. In fact, for the past three weeks she's been asking me daily about Little Angels. So of course on Friday she was very excited to finally get to go again. I explained to her that mommy would leave this time, but would come back to get her- and she seemed to be okay with this idea. Sure enough when we pulled up to the school she said "I'm so happy." She also insisted that she get to give her teachers their gifts herself. She adamantly repeated this to me several times and I was like "geez! I get it!" Her first day went great and she even picked one of the songs in circle time. When I picked her up she was sweaty from playing chase. She saw me, gave me a great big hug and then ran back to the bird seed table where she proceeded to ignore me as I tried to get her to leave. Well one can only hope every day is this good. 
Crossing my fingers this isn't just her "honeymoon phase" before reality sets in! ha!

giving teacher Eileen her flower
In her new ladybug classroom- thanks Jen for taking these!

such a big girl!

teacher gifts

to make this new change extra special I decided to give Penelope a new ladybug lunch box!

her school asked that we fill up these hearts with pictures from home so that if the kids get sad they can look to these for comfort. I filled Pen's up with pics of loved ones but also of fun memories like the carousel and fireworks

good job on a great first day P!
We love you!