Touch-A-Truck, Painted Cabernet, Beach Walk

The weekend of Sep 22 was super busy. 
We took the girls to see the PEP fundraiser Touch-A-Truck, had a really fun beach walk and finally checked out the Painted Cabernet with friends Kate and Grant.
Action packed and super fun!
bounce house at Touch-A-Truck

this was Violet's first time in a bounce house,
since there weren't any big kids in there I decided to let her have at it

sam- so cute!

ever since Pen started watching Daniel the Tiger she's grown a special fondness for trolleys


beach walk-one of my favorite ways to start a Saturday-
we walk, get coffee and let the kids stop at the different parks along the way

lets just say I got an early start before the Painted Cabernet ;)

um, so these two just love taking pics together--- who's that grumpy guy in the corner?

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  1. Looks like you guys had a really fun time! Love the pic of Violet in the bounce house :)