Something I like to do after the Christmas hustle and bustle is to catch up with friends about what they did for their holiday. Its so interesting to get a little sneak peak into their lives and traditions- never know when you could pick a new one up right? Well I was talking with my friend Cheri who said her days were spent hiking, baking and having lots of adventures. With such a beautiful place to live like Santa Barbara its a shame not to enjoy the outside year round. One of the things she said they did was to take a hike on the Carpinteria Bluffs to see the pregnant seal preserve. Can I just tell you I have lived her for over 10 years now and didn't know we have a local seal community!!!! Crazy! She filled me in all the details so I put that on my list of things to do. Now I don't know about your family but mine was definitely hit with a case of the "sickies" this year. Poor James was down for the count all through Christmas. Which means Christmas Eve was kind of a blur. Last year our Christmas Eve was super fun, we spent most of the day out downtown on an adventure, and it seems that is how our family likes to do things. So I was super stoked when for New Year's everyone seemed to be in good spirits...an adventure was just what we needed so the Carpinteria Bluffs was our destination!

how beautiful!
yep, if you have this handy dandy enormous contraption you too can go just about anywhere,
a spectacle to behold but oh so efficient
seal watching
there they are! babies coming soon!

violet watched from the comfort of her stroller!

after the seals we kept walking towards downtown Carp for a little stop at their super fun park and then breakfast at one of our fav diner spots, Esau's.

one of P's all time fav past times- feeding the ducks


Later we went to Ventura to give our good buddies the Zavalas some Christmas presents and hold their sweet new little baby Ayin. This was James's first time meeting her! She is so precious!

Happy New year!

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