The Manns Visit

January 29-Feb 6 some of our best friends, The Mann Family came for a visit.
It was super fun. They split half their time staying with us, and half staying with the MacNaughtons.
We spent the majority of our time together doing all the things they loved to do in Santa Barbara.
There were trips to the beach, momma nights out, wine tasting, zoo visits, park visits, Superbowl parties and meals at their fav restaurants- it was jam packed and we loved every minute of it. 
So so so sad they had to move back to Seattle.
Wish so much they were still here!

Pen and Des enjoying McConnells

cocktails for momma night out

devyn and Kate

Tammy, Robyn, Kate, me, Sarah and Devyn

D'Angelo breakfast

farmers market trip

loved seeing these two little boys hanging around
wish they were here all the time 

James and his "other lady" :)

grant enjoying wine tasting ;)

climb time yoga was a must do

there was a lot of this too

and even though I look like a total dork in this photo it so captured a moment

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