Pen's 1st dental checkup

April 23 Penelope had her very first dental checkup (3 1/2 years old).
I decided to take her to the "kid dentist" that most of her friends had already been to (and much earlier I might add). People rave about this dentist and how great their staff is with kids so I thought we should play it safe and go with that. I would have brought P to the dentist much sooner, at 2 or even 2 1/2- but I just thought she would be too scared. As a baby Penelope was very... let's just say, "hesitant" with strangers or anyone besides mommy and daddy. ;) She has since grown into a much more brave independent little lady and it is very fun to watch. With each developmental leap she becomes more aware and understands so much more. So after being on a six month waiting list we finally got a chance to visit this "famous kid dentist" and it was quite a success. It also didn't hurt to give her a little positive peer pressure--- knowing that most of her buddies had already been to the dentist made it very exciting for her to want to go too!
Um where was this dentist when I was a kid??

playing with all the cool toys in the waiting room
we had to linger for at least ten more minutes on the way out ;)

Violet Mae enjoyed brushing her teeth too

The hygienist showed the girls everything that would happen in the exam by demonstrating on the monkey first

they were very curious!

studying patiently

she took this lesson very seriously!

getting a chance to practice

all ready to go!

they coat the kids teeth with this liquid to see the tartar on their teeth better
they also paint their fingernails with it! (nice touch)

Dr. annie was great!
All done!

getting a prize after 

and daddy met us for a little treat at Renaud's
so much for the clean teeth! woops!


  1. It's always a nice move to go to a dental clinic that has a good reputation. You'll know if the dentist is good through word of mouth, so it's great to hear that you took Penelope to where her friends went. And the results were great. The dentist lived up to her reputation, and your daughter's first dental checkup was a success. I'm pretty sure her next ones will go as smoothly as this. Good job!

    Dentistry with a Smile

  2. Good thing you have a “famous kid dentist” in your community, Laurie. It's not an easy fortune to find a dentist the kids can be completely at ease with--someone they would allow to do things, which they may find strange, with their mouth. Gus@Dr. Thomas Seal DDS