A day for mommy!

This Mother's Day was super fun and R-E-L-A-X-I-N-G.
Gone are the days when I strive for a "perfect" day of anything.
One of the many things I've learned from having two kids is that YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO CONTROL anymore. When my "type A" tries to sneak out I have to quickly stuff her back down before the kids get to her first- for she is quite sensitive after all. 
So this year I didn't ask for much. I just wanted a chance to "sleep in" (I put this in quotes because many times its hard for me to go back to sleep after initially being woken up by the munchkins); and I wanted a chance to "relax." Again all of this is relative- My definition of relaxing these days is far different from the days of yesteryear. Plus, I did want my husband to be happy to serve and dote on me- and not be completely worn out. Because after all, I do try to limit my slave-driving tendencies as much as I can! ha!
Something that absolutely made my day was this handprint heart canvas James helped the kids make me. This same idea my friend Jenn and I used to make Pen's class project. I loved the way that heart turned out so much I wanted to buy it! Alas, we donated it to the greater good (Pen's teacher had her eye on it)- so I told Jamers that I would probably end up just making one later (a much smaller version I might add) with our girls' handprints. Well... he remembered this conversation and secretly plotted to make one for me. I was A. so stoked he remembered something from my many ramblings, and B. so stoked that I didn't have to make this myself!- because hey, drawing the heart was hard enough for project one, I can't imagine getting my kids to cooperate long enough to paint their hands! (We tried this for tea towel Christmas presents last  year and.... eeehhhhh the outcome was so, so.) :)

All in all I did get to relax and I got to enjoy my OWN mom too.
I hope all you fab moms and all you "moms" who have mothered someone or some "thing" in some way or another had a great day too! 

infamous heart
this makes the "grab in a fire" list

group project at Pen's school- this is "what she loves about mommy" 
I took my mom to tea that Saturday at Andersen's on State
it was yuuuummmy

One of Pen's class project gifts she made me
she decoupaged (I just love that word) a glass bottle for me
she actually spilled the beans many times about this before I ever saw it and I who can't wait for surprises thoroughly enjoyed questioning her about it (Oh really? what kind of glass bottle? Hmmmm)

um yeah so they also made these adorable heart thumbprint necklaces for us
best. preschool. ever.

and many moons later this arrived
I guess she took several weeks to put it together because its all handmade
I love how perfect their silhouettes are (I think I mentioned in another post my obsession of silhouettes/cameos)
pinterest has really helped my marriage in more ways than one ;)
So the bottom pic is pretty much what I did all day
he he he

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  1. That looks like such a great Mother's Day. Love the heart painting!