Buzzin' out of the Bees...

Today was Pen's last day as a bee. It's been a super exciting year.
It's been such a joy to see P grow so much and make new friends.
She really loves school. 
Some of her favorite pastimes this past year have been the following:
digging for bugs with Lincoln,
playing "Frozen kitties" with Alana,
painting with Ms Rosa
and learning learning learning.
P really enjoyed this class, but I know pre-K is going to be awesome for Penelope.
Another new school year is now upon us!
Here are some fun pics of her last day 
and some comparison shots from the first day of school to the last.

Penelope's good bye gift to her teachers
dainty little bumblebee necklaces from this cute shop on Etsy

the teachers gave me flowers as a thank you for being one of the room moms

Pen with her teachers from left to right (Mrs. "S," Ms. Katy, and Ms. Rosa)

first day of school
last day of school

1st Day
last day

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